It fills me with great sorrow to say that this roleplay will be shutting down. I’ve loved making it and designing everything and reading all your lovely applications for it but at this moment I don’t have time to amdin another roleplay. I’m extremely sorry to leave so sudden but this is going to be a busy month for me and so I don’t want to start something knowing I can’t put my best effort into it. 

I hope you all understand and don’t worry I’ll have new projects in the works. For now if you’re interested in joing another dance moms roleplay or dance roleplay I’ve compiled a list of a few good ones for you to check out.

Farewell to all you lurkers, may I see you again soon in the roleplay world!

Hi! We're a new RP set at the Abby Lee Dance Company and all of our roles are open including the Dance Moms girls and their families as well as other ALDC dancers and other known dancers like Sophia Lucia and Autumn Miller. We accept OCs as well, and we'd appreciate a promo!
I'll be applying soon!

The role of Jordyn Jones will be closed in 24 hours. So be sure to apply for her if you’re interested ASAP.

Also, if you were accepted and have not sent in your account, your role will be reopened in 24 hours. (This excludes those on hiatus)

Ugh I don't know who to apply for, Mia or Jordyn

We got a Jordyn app, so apply for Mia! It’ll be perfect because they’re best friends and are both amazing dancers.

I might apply soon!

Please do nonnie!

if we want to play a oc do they have to have solo videos on youtube? or can they just be group dances?

Groups are fine, but that would mean you wouldn’t have a wide range of gifs to choose from for chats and things. But yes it’s fine with me!

I'm kinda confused. Is the Alpha Academy like a boarding school or just like a dance studio? And where is it located at?

It’s a boarding school…Only no real schooling is involved. It focuses on recovery, and dance. All students have tutors which keep them up to date with their grade level standards, but actual classes do not take place.

Okay babies! It’s been a week from hell, but the good news is next week will be tons better! My internets been out all week and the technician just came today to fix it. But it’s doing pretty well now so that means we’re back in action! Unfortunately I was unable to get assignments out this week. Which means they won’t happen till next week. But that just means they’ll be even better than they were already going to be!

The dancers will not be competing this week, because of my absence. But this does allow us more time to get members and so forth. Which means for you lurkers, now is the time to apply! Check out our roles page and send in an app.

I’ll be on for a while longer, answering questions and such. I’m sorry for all the mayhem and want to thank the members for sticking with me! You all rock, and I swear next week will be killer.

Hello members and lurkers! The follow list is being updated and you can find that under the navigation. Be sure your following everyone. Maddie Ziegler and Lennox Hopkins, will be on hiatus until the end of the week. So no worries, they’re on their way.

Assignments will be up sometime today, so look out for those. Since we don’t have any choreographers filled yet, you can god mod your character’s choreographer in any para or thread.

To the lurkers, be sure to check out characters list to see whose open and who’s wanted and send in some apps! Or apply as a fc not on the list.